Saturday, May 1, 2010

Junior Girl Scout Gets Crafty for the Community

Hi everyone,
Miss Ab has been working very hard on earning her bronze award. Her final community service project is to make and collect hand-crafted plushies or dolls to give to the children who use Family Support Network's services. They do in-home, family therapy for free with families who are at risk for child abuse and neglect. You can check it out at I personally like that they are not only trying to stop child abuse, but working towards fixing the family.
Every kid needs a little something to hug, but these kids could probably use a little somethin' extra so make sure an extra dose of love goes into those!
**Please note that the deadline for materials is the 15th and for finished plushies is the 31st.**

Hi, I’m Abigail Ammon (Sarah Ammon is my mom.) I’m junior girl scout and I’m working on my Girl Scout Bronze award project. I have to provide community service to earn it. So I’m working with Kelly Hoags of Family Support Network. Last year they provided 600 kids with free therapy. We’re making stuffies for those kids. You can donate little stuffed animals or dolls, they can be sewn, crocheted or knitted, as long as they’re washable. Most of the children served are 6-9 years, but we ask that eyes are sewn on or safety-eyes are used to avoid a choking hazard. You can also donate materials, like fabric, yarn, or thread. Were also having a Plushie-making party, where you can come and make plushies with us in party form. (making them ourselves will only make them so much awesomer.) Details for the plushie party will be coming soon! Contact my mom if you want to do anything from above, and pass this message on to your peeps. J J J J J J

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